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ENTSOG and GIE launch new edition of the System Development map

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) launched the new edition of the System Development map, illustrating the latest European gas infrastructure and capacities.

“As a consequence of the war in Ukraine and the subsequent, unprecedented changes affecting the European gas market, the gas TSOs are considering ad-hoc and new projects,” commented Piotr Kuś, ENTSOG General Director. “Strengthening of the European gas infrastructure is vital for the security of supply and market stability, thus full transparency of the current situation is needed. The System Development Map, published jointly by ENTSOG and GIE, is an important tool to reflect the evolution of the gas system.”

This map is updated on a yearly basis and is a widely used reference for European and non-European stakeholders alike. It provides useful gas market data for enhanced transparency, for example, 2021-2022 gas supply and demand at both the European and national levels. It reflects the current status of the existing and planned European gas infrastructure as of the date of publication.

“Fostering solidarity between EU Member States is essential and enhancing market transparency is at the heart of it,” reminded Boyana Achovski, GIE Secretary General. “EU Gas infrastructure operators, including SSOs LSOs and TSOs, are committed to supporting the EU institutions. With our work and innovation, we strive to establish a more united Europe, and we put efforts into improving the coordination of gas purchases and cross-border exchanges. ENTSOG and GIE welcome feedback from stakeholders and are committed to improving their map over the years.”

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