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Digitalisation is the key focus of Amber Grid’s reconstruction of gas distribution stations

Lithuanian gas transmission system operator (TSO) Amber Grid has signed three contracts for the reconstruction of gas distribution stations in Kėdainiai, Vievis and Grigiškės. The contracts with regional EPC contractor MT Group are worth 7.6 million euros and the reconstruction works will start shortly, planning to complete all the three facilities by mid-2023. The restoration of the three gas stations will also include their modernisation and digitalisation thanks to the 3 million euros as support from the European Union.

“The gas transmission network is one of the components of the country’s energy security,” commented Andrius Dagys, the Technical Director of Amber Grid. “We must ensure that the network and all its links are stable, safe and reliable. The pressure of gas coming from gas transmission pipelines to the gas distribution stations is reduced to a level where it can continue to be supplied to residential and business customers. So far, we have upgraded most of the gas distribution stations over the years, with the Kėdainiai, Vievis and Grigiškės facilities being among the last ones to need such upgrades.”

The 4-5 decade-old gas distribution stations in Kėdainiai district and in Vilnius district near Vievis and Grigiskės will be upgraded by installing advanced and reliable technological equipment in new buildings. The stations will receive new gas pressure reduction devices, metering devices, automated control, remote data transmission and alarm systems for a safer and smoother workflow and the likelihood of accidents and disruptions will be also reduced by these. Digitalisation of the stations will be another key focus because the operation of the gas distribution station will be controlled remotely from the gas transmission system control centre in Vilnius.

Gas metering and pressure reduction to the level required by the distribution system operator will be carried out at the gas distribution stations, also engaging in other important technological processes, such as cleaning the gas of impurities, warming it up and giving it a specific smell for safety purposes. Also, the stations will operate with economical boilers using less gas, thus reducing the environmental impact.

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