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DESFA commissions Corinth Pipeworks as the producer of the 163 km West Macedonia Pipeline

Natural gas transmission system operator of Greece DESFA awarded the manufacturer of steel pipes Corinth Pipeworks with the contract for the production of 163 kilometres West Macedonia Pipeline.

The West Macedonia pipeline will be the first high-pressure transmission gas infrastructure in Greece and one of the first in Europe, certified to transport up to 100 per cent hydrogen safely, through large-diameter pipelines. It will become part of the European Hydrogen Backbone, the dedicated hydrogen infrastructure of Europe.

“We are very happy to work together with Corinth Pipeworks […] on the construction of the new pipeline in Western Macedonia. DESFA has an active role in the development of the hydrogen market, working intensively to ensure that our network is 100 per cent ready for the transport and storage of renewable gases, such as hydrogen and biomethane”, noted Maria Rita Galli, CEO of DESFA.

“With hydrogen playing an important role in the energy transition, we trust the expertise and valuable experience of Corinth Pipeworks for the flagship project of the West Macedonia pipeline that will pave the way for cleaner energy sources with significant benefits for the environment, local communities and the national economy”, added Ioannis Chomatas, Asset Development Division Director of DESFA.

Corinth Pipeworks will produce hydrogen certified pipes in its Thisvi plant in Greece. Deliveries are planned to be completed in 2023.

“We are proud to contribute with our innovative technical progress on hydrogen to the establishment of DESFA’s hydrogen network towards the green transition of Greece. We have built a long and trusted cooperation along with DESFA with a common goal to achieve the necessary level of reliability, in order for the Greek network to be certified for the use of hydrogen”, stressed Ilias Bekiros, CEO of Corinth Pipeworks.


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