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Czechia to be completely independent from Russian oil by mid-2025, confirmed Prime Minister

Czechia’s Prime Minister Petr Fiala confirmed that the Czech Republic will eliminate its dependence on Russian oil by mid-2025 at the latest. His plan is to request the cancellation of the exemption for importing Russian oil immediately after the TAL-PLUS project is completed.

This project aims to expand the capacity of the European TAL pipeline, bringing an additional 4 million tons of oil to the Czech Republic annually via the western route. This will end the Czech Republic’s sixty-year reliance on Russian oil from the Druzhba pipeline.

“Over the past two years, we have successfully reduced our reliance on Russian gas, advanced the Dukovany tender and accelerated the development of renewable energy sources.” stated Prime Minister Petr Fiala.”Completing the TAL expansion and replacing Russian oil by mid-next year will significantly enhance our energy self-sufficiency and security, essential for the successful restart of the Czech Republic. We are doing what is necessary.”

The TAL-PLUS project, managed by MERO ČR and the TAL consortium, is progressing well. Currently, the first technical modifications are being prepared on the TAL pipeline, with pump replacements scheduled in Gruben, Austria. Further modifications will occur this year in Germany and Italy, including the installation of new pumps, ultrasonic flowmeters, electric motors and other components. The entry and exit points of the TAL and IKL pipelines will also be upgraded.

In the Czech Republic, MERO ČR has installed a pipeline at the Central Crude Oil Tank Site in Nelahozeves, connecting it with the IKL pipeline. Work is also underway in refineries, such as the installation of a new flow meter in the Litvínov refinery.

“[…] The TAL-PLUS project is one of the most complex technological operations and the biggest change in oil transportation to the Czech Republic,” commented Jaroslav Pantůček, General Director of MERO ČR.

The technological modifications to the TAL pipeline, aimed at increasing its transportation capacity, will be completed by the end of 2024. This will be followed by several months of finishing work, including the installation of backup pumps, operational tests and updates to operational and technical documentation.

The Czech Republic will completely cut off Russian oil imports by the first half of 2025, relying entirely on oil supplied via the western route through the IKL and TAL pipelines.

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