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Biogas and biomethane to become crucial components of Polands energy mix, Deputy Minister says

The Polish government is committed to harnessing renewable energy sources to achieve energy independence and improve air quality. According to a press statement of the Climate Ministry, following the recent meeting of the Coordination Council for the Development of Biogas and Biomethane, this commitment extends to biogas and biomethane, particularly benefiting rural areas. Indeed, Poland’s economy, especially its agriculture and agri-food industry, has significant potential in the form of biomass and agricultural by-products and waste.

The growth of the biogas and biomethane sectors not only enhances local energy security but also provides opportunities to diversify agricultural income, reduce waste disposal costs and promote environmental sustainability.

“Biogas and biomethane could soon become crucial components of our energy mix, gaining importance due to the ongoing energy transition and the geopolitical landscape,” said Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Miłosz Motyka. He emphasised the need for biogas and biomethane to be prominently featured in strategic energy documents, such as the Polish Energy Policy and the National Energy and Climate Plan.

In shaping Poland’s energy policy, industry input will be vital to leverage local generation sources, bolster energy security and foster rural development. Achieving these goals requires effective coordination from government bodies.

“I aim for the conclusions and recommendations arising from our sector agreement to fully utilise the potential of biogas and biomethane. Together with industry stakeholders, we will develop regulations that address the challenges of Poland’s energy transformation,” added Deputy Minister Motyka.

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