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Balticconnector’s repair work completed, commissioning ready to begin

The repairs of the Balticconnector offshore pipeline have been completed according to plans and the integrity and strength of the pipe have been tested with a water pressure test. Alongside the sea operation, the preparatory work phases for the pipeline’s commissioning have also begun, the implementation of which will take place from land areas in Estonia and Finland. After the commissioning’s preparatory works are completed, the actual commissioning can begin.

The commissioning will proceed in phases: the pipeline is first flushed with purified water. Afterwards, the pipe is emptied of water and the pipe’s geometry is inspected internally. Following the inspection, the pipe is dried and finally filled with gas. The commissioning is estimated to be completed on 22 April, when the Balticconnector sea pipeline connection can be returned to the use of the gas market.

Estonia’s and Finland’s transmission system operators Elering and Gasgrid Finland closed the Balticconnector on the night of 8 October 2023, as the pressure in the gas pipeline began to drop rapidly, which indicated a leak from the pipeline. After a few days, it turned out that the gas pipeline had broken due to external damage in Finland’s economic zone.

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