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Balkan Stream means 100% diversification for Bulgaria and the region

While inspecting the construction site of the Balkan Stream natural gas pipeline, Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov underlined how the country is working towards a 100 per cent diversification.

There are over 1,400 pieces of heavy construction machinery along the 480 kilometres route and the project is entering its final phase. As underlined by the Prime Minister, the capacity of the Balkan Stream could be increased by up to 20 billion cubic meters (bcm), helping the gas diversification throughout the route, not only for Bulgaria but also for Serbia, Hungary and Austria. 

“We are making a very good investment so that Bulgaria can play a key role in the gas distribution and transportation of natural gas in Europe for decades to come,” said Prime Minister Borisov earlier in March.

Expanding the gas transmission infrastructure from the Turkish-Bulgarian to the Bulgarian-Serbian border is a priority for the Bulgarian government. Its implementation will increase the security of natural gas supplies from various sources and it will strengthen competition and transparency in the natural gas market.

“We will be able to supply gas in all directions: from North to South and from East to West,” Mr Borissov explained. “At the same time, we will provide natural gas from Asia to Europe.”

“This is a very impressive project,” commented Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Energy Minister Aabed Abdullah al-Saadoun, who accompanied Prime Minister Borissov.

According to him, Saudi Arabia will keep supporting Arkad, the company implementing the project, so that it would be completed on time and with quality. “This is an important step for cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Bulgaria,” he added.

Mr Borissov also stressed that the construction of Balkan Stream continued in full force even during the pandemic. In addition, measures have been taken to preserve the archaeology found along the route and farmers have been given the opportunity to harvest.

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