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Austrian manufacturer to power Poland’s largest gas-fuelled power plant, replacing coal power

Austrian manufacturing company INNIO Group (INNIO) announced last Wednesday (31 January) that five Jenbacher J920 FleXtra engines are set to power a heat and power plant in Bydgoszcz, northern Poland.

The five Jenbacher CHP units are expected to generate a total of 52.6 megawatt electric (MWe). Each unit will consist of a generator, a turbocharger and an auxiliary module, INNIO Group noted in a press release. Additionally, under a 10-year service agreement with the plant’s operator, Polish energy company PGE Energia Ciepła, the Jenbacher team are expected to provide maintenance and assembly work, as well as start-up and operator training.

“INNIO Group’s technology is helping to achieve the transition to net zero by replacing coal power plants, resulting in eliminating over 70 per cent CO2 per power plant,” said Dr Olaf Berlien, President and CEO of INNIO Group. “Our ‘Ready for H2’ engines help ensure that PGE assets will be able to deliver carbon-free power and heat well into the future when hydrogen is more readily available.”

The “Ready for H2“ CHP plant would be fuelled with gas, replacing coal-fuelled power plants that are currently in use. The use of gas for decentralised power and heat generation is part of PGE’s strategy to decarbonise its district heating operations.

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