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Amber Grid: gas flows in Lithuania are stable

Lithuania’s gas transmission system operator Amber Grid, which is in charge of transmission of natural gas to the system users and operation, maintenance and development of the natural gas infrastructure, has informed that the transmission of natural gas in Lithuania operates in a normal mode and volume. Gas flows are stable and fulfil customers’ orders.

“The Lithuanian natural gas system operates stable and natural gas is supplied in the normal mode,” saidNemunas Biknius, CEO of Amber Grid. “We are monitoring the situation closely, we have prepared tactical plans if the situation would change. In recent years, we have paid attention to ensuring and strengthening the security and reliability of gas supply in the region. Gas import from Russia to Lithuania is less than one-third of total gas import. In 2021 gas imports from Russia via Belarus accounted for 26 per cent. At present, Lithuania is fully supplied with natural gas from alternative sources – Klaipeda LNG terminal and Latvian underground gas storage. The supply capacity from the mentioned alternative sources is sufficient if gas wouldn’t be supplied to Lithuania from the East.”

The Company also cooperates with the gas operators of the surrounding European Union countries to ensure the security of gas supply.

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