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20 million euros to be spent on critical crude oil infrastructure renovation, Polish operator says

Polish crude oil and fuels operator PERN has confirmed that it plans to inspect over 620 kilometres of pipelines and repair 22 tanks under its critical infrastructure renovation programme for this year (29 August).

The company has allocated nearly 90 million złotys (20.1 million euros) for the programme. Poland’s architecture of crude oil and fuel supplies has undergone “radical changes” since the war in Ukraine which requires PERN to make new investments in new storage tanks as well as maintaining the existing network components, the company said.

“Critical infrastructure is the responsibility for Poland’s energy security. It also involves the smooth operation of the economy and the country’s development. Often, we don’t realise the important yet invisible role that PERN plays. Therefore, in addition to investments that support development and enhance our collective security, we also take care of the assets that have already been built in previous years. Both of these elements, investments together with renovations and modernisation, form a coherent whole,” said Mirosław Skowron, President of PERN.

The company operates 19 fuel depots throughout the country, with a capacity of over 2.4 million cubic metres (mcm) of petroleum products and four crude oil depots with a total capacity of over 4.1 mcm. Additionally, the company manages 2,600 kilometres of crude oil and product pipelines, including the Polish section of the Druzhba oil pipeline.

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