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Winning bidder for the construction of the new nuclear unit at Dukovany to be announced in July

Elektrárna Dukovany II (EDU II), a wholly owned subsidiary of Czech utility Group ČEZ, submitted its evaluation report to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, evaluating bids for the construction of a new nuclear unit at Dukovany. In the report, it recommended the ranking, proposing its preferred supplier of a new nuclear unit or units. The Government of the Czech Republic will now issue its statement as to with whom ČEZ will negotiate the final form of the contracts.

In the previous months, more than 180 experts from ČEZ Group and beyond scrutinised bids by the French EdF and Korean KHNP, evaluating the financial, commercial and technical aspects.

“The bid evaluation model was based on recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),” said Board Member and head of ČEZ’s New Energy Division, Tomáš Pleskač. “All price inputs and risks have been quantified. Both offers were compared according to the same criterion, namely to the price per one megawatt hour generated, at which each contender’s new unit would generate electricity.”

“I can confirm that we have received the evaluation report from ČEZ Group,” stated the Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Síkela. “The government now has an opportunity to express its opinion on the report from the perspective of national security interests. We will announce the selection of the preferred contender in July and inform about how we will use the option for the construction of additional nuclear units in Dukovany and Temelín.”

The contracts are expected to be finalised this year and ready for signature by 31 March 2025. If the form of the contracts starts to significantly diverge from the bid submitted, the bidder ranking second may be asked to enter negotiations.

Once the contracts are signed, thorough drafting of the project documentation will follow, such that the deadline for starting test operation of the new unit in 2036 would be attainable.

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