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Ukraine joins the US Net Zero World Initiative

Existing nuclear capacities along with the generation of maximally clean and safe electricity enabled Ukraine to join the United States Net Zero World Initiative.

“Nuclear is the basic generation in Ukraine,” said Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko during a Net Zero World Partner Countries panel discussion in Glasgow. “Fifteen nuclear power units produce more than 56 per cent of electricity in the country. We want to increase the nuclear capacities, construct new units as well as start a program to build small modular reactors. We have a great human capacity for this – a significant number of high-skilled professionals involved in the nuclear industry.”

The participation in this initiative will enable Ukraine to have access to the findings of 17 research laboratories of the US Department of Energy for the possible implementation of pilot projects on decarbonisation. Furthermore, Ukraine is an equal partner of the initiative and offers in-depth cooperation in nuclear power, being able to provide Europe with affordable emission-free energy.

The Net Zero World initiative signals America’s proactive stance in working with countries to lead a global transition to net zero emissions by 2050 and a commitment to working collaboratively with partners to replicate successes and inspire a race to the top across countries. Net Zero World presents a progressive pathway for nations to advance clean energy use in buildings, industry, electric power, transportation and agriculture sectors by deploying regulatory best practices, standards and financing solutions to achieve transformative emissions reductions.

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