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Slovakia now energy self-sufficient following Mochovce NPP commissioning

On Monday (6 November) Slovakia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Denisa Sakova held a meeting with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s Director General Rafael Grossi in Mochovce in western Slovakia.

Both sides discussed, among other topics, nuclear energy in the context of climate change, nuclear protection and safety, cooperation in nuclear technologies including small modular reactors (SMRs) and the recent completion of the commissioning of Unit 3 of the Mochovce nuclear power plant (NPP).

“Nuclear energy plays a truly important role for us in ensuring a stable, secure, and, most importantly, carbon-neutral source of energy. When supplemented with variable renewable energy sources, nuclear power can help us contribute to solving global energy and climate issues,” said Deputy PM Sakova.

Mochovce NPP’s Unit 3 was commissioned in October, together with the unit’s integration into the national grid. With its commissioning, Slovakia has achieved energy self-sufficiency, Slovakia’s Economy Ministry said in a press release.

“In October, we reached an important milestone regarding Slovakia’s self-sufficiency with the completion of the commissioning of Unit 3 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, where we currently are. It is expected that this unit will serve us for at least 60 years and will move us towards energy self-sufficiency,” the Deputy PM said. “It will cover nearly 13 per cent of electricity consumption in Slovakia. Thanks to nuclear power plants, Slovakia has one of the cleanest energy mixes in the world. It will be crucial to focus on completing Unit 4 in Mochovce.”

“The Mochovce nuclear power plant is one of the most interesting power plants in Europe. It produces clean energy for Slovakia and for the whole of Europe. When the fourth unit is launched, you will be able to export it, and in terms of energy sources, this country will be practically decarbonised. It is a success story,” IEA Director Grossi said.

Slovakia’s new nuclear unit supplied already 650,000 MWh to the grid

In addition to existing plans in nuclear energy, “active monitoring” of the development of new and innovative technologies, especially in terms of the potential deployment of SMRs, is underway, Slovakia’s Economy Ministry said in the press release.

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