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Nuclearelectrica welcomes EU’s decision to label nuclear energy as green

Romania’s national company producing electricity, heat and nuclear fuel Nuclearelectrica has welcomed the European Commission’s decision to include nuclear energy in the Complementary Delegated Act. For the company, the document thus confirms the significant role of these two energy sources [nuclear and gas] in ensuring the energy security of States and in achieving decarbonisation targets.

Through the Delegated Act, the major investment projects in the nuclear field, such as the refurbishment of nuclear units, the construction of new capacities and the development of innovative technologies, are considered sustainable to contribute to the energy transition of the Member States. It also recognises the right of each EU state to choose its own national energy mix, based on existing resources, expertise and capabilities.

“The inclusion of nuclear energy in the scope of the EU Taxation on Sustainable Financing is an important step for the development of the European nuclear industry and the recognition of the significant role that nuclear plays in a balanced, diversified, sustainable and stable energy mix,” commented Cosmin Ghita, CEO of Nuclearelectrica. “The current European nuclear reactor fleet, as well as the expansion of existing capabilities, is a necessity to ensure the security of the energy supply. The inclusion of nuclear energy in the EU Taxonomy to enable states to develop nuclear projects in a timely manner will help us reach our climate targets faster and contribute to a cleaner energy future.”

Nuclearelectrica has ongoing strategic investment projects worth an estimated 9 billion euros, which will contribute with clean energy to Romania’s energy stability, socio-economic development, development of the nuclear industry and training of a new generation of specialists.

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