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Nuclearelectrica and Canadian Nuclear Partners sign agreement for the refurbishment of Cernavoda NPP

Romanian national electricity, heat and nuclear fuel company Nuclearelectrica (SNN) signed a long-term Framework Agreement with Canadian Nuclear Partners (CNPSA) to provide Project Management Organisation (PMO) services for the preparation and implementation of the Cervavoda Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 refurbishment project in Romania.

“The world is watching as Ontario continues to deliver multi-billion-dollar CANDU nuclear refurbishment projects on time and on budget,” said Ontario Minister, Todd Smith. “We’re ready to support our allies, leveraging all that experience and expertise to support the refurbishment of Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 so it can continue to deliver reliable and clean energy for generations to come and provide continued energy security.”

“With increasing geopolitical volatility, it is clear that countries around the world are looking for stable democratic energy partners that offer clean, reliable and affordable energy — and Ontario is once again answering that call,” said Ontario Minister of Energy and Electrification, Stephen Lecce. “We are proud to partner with Romania to deliver this major refurbishment that is going to support energy security in Europe while creating new economic opportunities for workers in both of our countries.”

“We are looking forward to working with CNPSA to further advance the refurbishment of Cernavoda NPP Unit 1,” added Cosmin Ghita, CEO of Nuclearelectrica. “Highly professional and robust project management, with combined Canadian and Romanian experience, will enable Romania to benefit from clean, safe and reliable energy for another 30 years beyond 2029. Romania and Canada have been working together for more than 50 years in the nuclear industry and they continue to do so by fostering strategic projects to advance energy security, decarbonization and economic development.”

“We are proud to partner with SNN to provide the leading-edge PMO services needed to successfully carry out this large-scale project, which will ensure a long-term reliable and affordable source of clean electricity for the people and industries of Romania,” stated Jason Van Wart, CEO of CNPSA. “We are pleased to leverage our decades of experience with Canadian-made CANDU technology to help deliver the Unit 1 refurbishment project on time and on budget and demonstrate how Canadian nuclear experts can support clean energy projects in other parts of the world.”

This Framework Agreement has an approximate value of 240 million euros and represents an essential step in the completion of the Cernavoda Unit 1 refurbishment in compliance with the established development stages. Under the agreement, CNPSA, a subsidiary of Laurentis Energy Partners (Laurentis), will support SNN by providing project management services, technical assistance, consulting services, training specific to CANDU plant refurbishment and organisation and coordination of Unit 1’s commissioning, up to its return to commercial operation.

The Framework Agreement builds on an earlier agreement signed between SNN and Laurentis, through CNPSA, in 2021 to develop a conservation program for reactor water systems during refurbishment.

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