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For Bulgaria, nuclear energy will continue to be a key factor in meeting EU decarbonisation targets

Nuclear energy is and will continue to be a significant factor in meeting the EU’s ambitious decarbonisation and zero-carbon targets. This was stated by Bulgaria’s Minister of Energy Andrey Zhivkov during the  Partnership for Transatlantic Energy and Climate Cooperation (P-TECC) Business Forum and Ministerial.

Minister Zhivkov emphasised the long-term experience of Bulgaria in the safe and secure operation of nuclear facilities for the production of clean and affordable energy. According to him, the nuclear sector continues to be a guarantor of energy security and independence, providing energy to businesses and households at competitive prices.

“We are convinced that, in order to be successful and energy-efficient, the green transition must not restrict the choice in terms of the clean energy technologies used,” underlined the Minister. “Many countries see nuclear energy as a means of ensuring a transition to clean energy.”

He also reminded that Bulgaria will soon realise the first efficiently operating small modular reactors for commercial operation, which offer opportunities for faster construction and have competitive financial parameters. However, challenges remain related to the lack of a flexible framework for accelerated licensing of these technologies, the difficulties in identifying suitable sites and the lack of a final solution for radioactive waste management.

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