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Energoatom begins Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant expansion project

Ukrainian state-owned nuclear energy company Energoatom announced on Monday (15 April) a project to build new power units at the Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant (NPP) using the AP1000 Westinghouse technology.

The first cube of concrete at Unit 5 of the Khmelnytsky NPP was laid (concreting of the drainage channel to ensure the stability of the dam as well as the construction of the infrastructure of power units) during a ceremony on Friday.

“A special feature of the American AP 1000 technology is the ability to balance the units. Today, the enemy is attacking and destroying the balancing capacities of the Ukrainian energy sector, so the construction of units with the ability to manoeuvre is very important for us. This is our response to the terrorists; they will never deprive us of electricity, and new technologies will enable us to withstand. This is a major geopolitical project of common interest for Ukraine and the United States. The technologies that we will build and develop together will push russians out of the European nuclear energy market,” said Ukraine’s Minister of Energy German Galushchenko.
Unit 5 at the Khmelnytsky NPP will be the first power unit in Ukraine built using American AP1000 technology. This is a “critical first step” in advancing the commitment made by both companies under the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2022 for the deployment of nine AP1000 reactors in Ukraine, Westinghouse noted in a press release. 

US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink noted that against the background of constant shelling of critical infrastructure, Ukraine needs more power facilities, and the main focus is on the nuclear power industry, as it generates more than 50 per cent of electricity in the country. “This is a particularly acute problem against the background of the illegal seizure of the Zaporizhzhia NPP by invaders, and that is why Ukraine now needs additional power units. I welcome the efforts and desire of the Government of Ukraine and the Ministry of Energy, Energoatom in the direction of the development of nuclear power industry,” the US Ambassador said.

“These units at the Khmelnytsky NPP will be the first of nine using AP1000 technology, which are planned to be built in Ukraine together with Westinghouse,” the US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink added.

“The Westinghouse company is our reliable strategic partner: both in the development and loading of alternative fuel into the VVER reactors, and in the creation of a fuel production line in Ukraine, in the construction of new power units using Westinghouse AP1000 technology. During the war, we have not stop, but on the contrary deepened and accelerated our cooperation,” said Mr Kotin. “I am very grateful to Madam Ambassador for supporting our strategic cooperation with the Westinghouse company, as well as mentioning the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia NPP in her speech.”

“The largest nuclear power plant in Europe was, is, and will be our pride, and I am sure that it will be returned under the control of Ukraine,” Mr Kotin continued. “At the same time, thanks to the construction of the Khmelnytsky NPP Units 5 and 6, after the commissioning of two new Units 3 and 4 here at the Khmelnytsky NPP, the power of this plant will exceed the capacity of the ZNPP, and right here, on this site, there will be the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.”

“Westinghouse is honoured to be a trusted partner supporting Ukraine in its pursuit of clean, reliable and secure energy for generations to come,” said Patrick Fragman, CEO and President of Westinghouse. “This milestone moves us one step closer to bringing another AP1000 reactor online in Europe and joining our global fleet of AP1000 units in China and the U.S., and we remain proud to continue our long-standing, nearly 20-year partnership with Ukraine on proven and reliable nuclear fuel supply.”

In addition to the deployment of the AP1000 reactor, Westinghouse signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ukraine in September 2023 for the development and deployment of the AP300™ Small Modular Reactor (SMR). Westinghouse also remains a trusted partner to Energoatom’s current operating fleet with the supply of nuclear fuel and plant services.

Ukraine’s Energoatom signs SMR deal with US Westinghouse

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