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Energoatom and British Rolls-Royce to cooperate in the field of small modular reactors

Ukraine’s nuclear enterprise Energoatom agreed to establish further cooperation with British company Rolls-Royce, in the field of small modular reactor (SMR) technology.

Rolls-Royce representatives briefed the Ukrainian side on plans to build 16 SMR power units in the UK by 2050. The project is expected to be certified by 2024, while the first small modular reactor of this type will be commissioned by 2029.

Energoatom’s CEO Petro Kotin commended the expected high level of reliability and safety of the UK SMR reactor and Rolls-Royce was informed about plans to replace existing nuclear facilities and construct new power units, as well as prospects for the introduction of small modular reactors in Ukraine.

At the same time, Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko is underlining the importance of nuclear energy, especially in what is perhaps the world’s largest energy crisis and considering that European countries are discussing the attribution of nuclear generation to green energy.

“This is vitally important for our country because 2022 will be, without exaggeration, the year of nuclear power development,” he said.

According to the Minister, last year the foundations were laid for the strong development of the domestic nuclear industry. For example, the signing of a memorandum and agreements with the US company Westinghouse on the construction of two nuclear power units at the Khmelnytsky NPP sites.

“It is clear that nuclear power works stably and reliably and it bears the main burden of the passage of the heating season,” continued the Minister. “And this particular heating season proves the importance of nuclear generation in the country’s power system.”

He also reminded us that during a cold snap in December 2021, domestic nuclear power plants produced more than 300 million kilowatts-hour (kWh) per day, while Zaporizhzhya NPP operated all six units at maximum capacity, about 6,200 megawatts-hour (MWh). And that proves once again that it is the nuclear industry that ensures and guarantees the stable and safe operation of the entire power system of Ukraine.

Photo: Energoatom

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