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Czechia to decide on the location of the nuclear waste repository in line with EU Taxonomy

The Czech Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Síkela presented new procedures, according to which both chambers of the Parliament and local municipalities will be involved in deciding the location of an underground nuclear waste repository.

Minister Síkela underlined that nuclear is at the core of the country’s energy mix and a safe radioactive waste management system will be a crucial part of the operation of existing and future nuclear power plants.

In particular, local municipalities will be involved, as they will be the most affected by the potential location of choice and the interests of citizens must be protected.

The repository will also be in line with the criteria of the EU Taxonomy whose Complementary Climate Delegated Act includes certain nuclear and gas activities that cannot yet be replaced by technologically and economically feasible low-carbon alternatives but do contribute to climate change mitigation. Specifically, nuclear represents a low-carbon energy source, in line with the positions of different international organisations. But, it must respect also the “do not harm” principle, the reason why, for nuclear energy activities to be enlisted under the taxonomy, definite dates for operational disposal facilities must be in place: those for low-level waste must be operational already while Member States should have in place a detailed plan to have in operation, by 2050, a disposal facility for high-level radioactive waste.

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