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ČEZ takes over ŠKODA JS, a major Czech company operating in nuclear servicing

Czech utility Group ČEZ became the 100 per cent owner of ŠKODA JS, a traditional Czech company operating in the field of nuclear energy. With the purchase, ČEZ solved the problem of its major supplier, which several years ago became part of the Russian engineering group OMZ, controlled by Gazprombank. This put the company at risk of sanctions, which had a potential impact on securing key supplies for the ČEZ Group’s nuclear power plants.

The transaction was approved by four antitrust authorities in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine.

“Škoda JS is our key supplier and by gaining control of this company we have significantly strengthened our energy security,” said Bohdan Zronek, Director of the ČEZ Nuclear Power Division. “The antitrust proceedings were not easy, especially in view of the state of war in Ukraine. We are pleased that we have successfully completed the transaction.”

Škoda JS is an original Czech company and supplier of key components of nuclear parts for a number of power plants with domestic employees and unique domestic know-how, with which ČEZ has been cooperating for a long time, especially in the field of nuclear fuel and primary circuit maintenance of nuclear power plants.

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