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Poland’s LNG momentum continues – deliveries increase by nearly 70 per cent

The biggest energy company in the region, PKN ORLEN, has completed the 50th delivery of liquid natural gas (LNG) to the LNG terminal in Świnoujście (Poland) this year. This is an increase of more than 20 deliveries in comparison to the previous period in 2021 – intensifying deliveries by almost 70 per cent.

“LNG imports are currently one of the main sources of natural gas supply to Poland, providing approximately 40 per cent of the demand for this raw material from the beginning of 2022,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN. “Thanks to LNG, we can guarantee uninterrupted gas supplies to our customers despite the ongoing energy crisis in Europe. This year, we brought to the terminal in Świnoujście almost 70 per cent more ships with liquefied natural gas than in the same period of 2021. The intensification of supplies shows our competence in the field of LNG trade. After the merger of PKN ORLEN with PGNiG, we will consistently develop them to support the two strategic goals of our Group – ensuring the energy security of the country in the process of green transformation and increasing the importance of our concern on foreign markets.”

On 20 November, the President Lech Kaczyński Terminal (Świnoujście terminal) welcomed the 50th LNG delivery, supplied by the Al Shamal gas carrier from Qatar, carrying approximately 90,000 tonnes of LNG (approximately 120 million cubic metres). In the same period of 2021, the number of deliveries amounted to 30. This means that the rate of collection of LNG in Świnoujście increased by as much as two-thirds year-on-year.

In late April, the Russian state-owned, Gazprom, stopped natural gas supplies to Poland, consequently breaking the provisions of the Yamal contract.

According to the press release, the expansion of the LNG terminal which now has a re-gasification capacity to receive 6.2 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year, is among the main factors that enabled the increased deliveries. In addition, it is “the result of very good” cooperation between the ORLEN Group’s PGNiG and GAZ-SYSTEM, the operator of the Świnoujście terminal.

The total volume of LNG cargoes that have already been delivered to Świnoujście this year has exceeded 3.8 million tonnes. The vast majority of deliveries – as many as 31 – were from the United States.

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