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Poland’s GAZ-SYSTEM launches non-binding research into regasification demand at Gdańsk FSRU Terminal

The Polish gas system operator, GAZ-SYSTEM, has launched a non-binding market research procedure to gauge demand for additional regasification capacity of the planned FSRU terminal in Gdańsk, the company announced on Tuesday (6 March).

GAZ-SYSTEM assumes that the additional regasification capacity of the Terminal would enable regasification at around 4.5 billion cubic metres (bcm) per year. The decision regarding the final technical regasification capacity of the LNG Terminal will depend on the reported market interest under the current market research procedure.

The company aims to assess both the level of market interest in additional regasification capacity, as well as the level of market interest in exporting regasified LNG to Slovakia, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, as well as the Czech Republic and Ukraine. As part of the research process, the company said that it is open to direct dialogue with market participants.

“The current geopolitical situation, including, above all, the suspension of natural gas supplies from Russia to the European Union countries, has resulted in increased interest of market participants in gaining access to permanent and safe supplies of natural gas, including through LNG terminals. We take the region’s energy security very seriously, and the diversification of gas supply sources is a top priority for the company. Therefore, taking into account the signals received, we decided to launch market research and enable access to increased LNG supplies through the FSRU Terminal in Gdańsk,” said Marcin Chludziński, President of GAZ-SYSTEM. 

In accordance with the assumptions adopted under the Open Season Procedure launched in 2021, the FSRU Terminal, which is planned to be commissioned in 2026/2027, is set to be adapted for the regasification of approximately 6.1 bcm of gas per year. At the current planning stage, GAZ-SYSTEM envisages the possibility of expanding the regasification capacity of the FSRU Terminal, depending on the development of the market and the increase in demand for natural gas both in the country and in the region. 

The results of the research will also be taken into account in future works related to the planning of investments in the regasification infrastructure, as well as the necessary development of the transmission network in Poland, the company said.

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