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New record broken as 200th LNG delivery reaches Poland, ORLEN confirms

The Poland-based oil refiner and petrol retailer, PKN ORLEN, confirmed that it received its 200th delivery of liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the terminal in Świnoujście, Poland.

The latest seaborne delivery, supplied by the United States via the ‘Seapeak Creole’ carrier, has secured an additional 75,000 tonnes of LNG (approx. 95 million cubic meters) for Poland. Thus far, 21 billion cubic metres (m3) of natural gas has been delivered to the country through the Świnoujście terminal. This amount would be enough to provide natural gas to every household in Poland for over four years.

“Poland’s fuel and energy security is a priority for us, and uninterrupted supplies of natural gas are an important element of its implementation. Therefore, in response to the demanding energy situation in Europe, we intensified the import of liquefied natural gas. Thanks to the planned extension of the terminal in Świnoujście, from 2024, we will be able to import as much as 8.3 billion cubic meters by sea of this raw material annually,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

According to the ORLEN Group, ensuring LNG deliveries at the Świnoujście terminal has been one of the first pillars of the company’s strategy of diversifying gas imports to Poland. The share of deliveries by sea in the total supply of natural gas is systematically growing. In 2016, LNG accounted for around 8 per cent of gas supplies for PGNiG (now part of the ORLEN Group). In 2021, supplies have now increased to over 24 per cent.

The growing pace of imports of LNG to Poland is reflected in the period between successive deliveries. The 50th LNG carrier arrived in Świnoujście in January 2019, three years after the terminal was launched. The 100th delivery took place 18 months later, in July 2020. It took 28 months to reach the now 200th delivery, of which 52 loads were received in 2022 alone. As previously reported, the 50+ deliveries this year represent an increase of around 70 per cent in comparison to the same period in 2021.

Qatar remains the main supplier of LNG to Świnoujście, from where 110 cargoes have arrived thus far. 72 shipments have come from the United States, followed by Norway with 13 shipments, Nigeria with 3 shipments and Trinidad and Tobago with 2 shipments. As a result of the implementation of long-term contracts between PGNiG and American LNG producers, increased US deliveries will position the US as the main supplier in the coming years.

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