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Hungary opens third LNG filling station

A rapid liquified natural gas (LNG) filling station has been added to Hungary’s growing LNG infrastructure. The liquified gas is arriving from Croatia’s KRK import terminal to the new filling station, which is located on an important crosspoint of international freight transport.

This will be the third LNG filling station in Hungary, which is an important step due to growing heavy-duty LNG vehicle fleets. The facility is located near the Austrian border along the trans-European transport network (TEN-T).

Road-transported LNG supply natural gas to distribution sites for LNG fuel or industrial sites not connected to the transmission grid. LNG Croatia, the operator of the Krk import facility, has started offering LNG reloading services directly from the vessel to trucks this spring.

“We are very proud that we could provide the LNG for this new filling station in Hungary, which is the first important milestone of our group’s Small Scale LNG strategy,” said Zoltán Rahóty, Director of Structured Trade and LNG at MVMCeenrgy.

„In the future, we want to become the region’s LNG fuel supplier, not only in the field of transport, but also in the industrial segment, thereby increasing security of supply,” he added.

Henrik Domanovszky, Managing director of LNG hu Engineering, said that the LNG MODULO filling station put into operation today can ensure sustainable operations even at the lowest consumption levels. “The Hungarian-developed technology enables extremely fast service, it can refill LNG trucks within 6 minutes,” he underlined.

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