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GasNet launches first mobile public self-service LNG filling station

Czech natural gas distributor GasNet has launched the first mobile public self-service LNG filling station. 

The modern and environmental-friendly gas station is located only 8 kilometres from Prague and it is available 24/7 to truck drivers.

“LNG is an economical, environmental-friendly and efficient alternative to conventional fuels for freight transport,” said Thomas Merker, GasNet’s Chief Financial Officer. “The LNG drive technology of tractors has been well tried and tested for more than 20 years. We are convinced that LNG trucks will increase rapidly in our country, at a similar pace as in the case of compressed natural gas. We believe that LNG will play a key role in achieving the Czech Republic’s environmental goals by 2025 and 2030, respectively, in the area of reducing emissions.”

According to him, the commissioning of the first mobile station is an important milestone. It is also a clear signal to carriers who want to make it easier for LNG to access and make this technology and infrastructure available to them.

For GasNet, operational safety and reliability are an absolute priority.

“Our experts are ready to train drivers and show that refuelling cars on LNG is as easy as refuelling with diesel cars,” explained Filip Dostál, Head of Business Development.

Interest in LNG as a modern and environmental-friendly fuel has recently risen significantly throughout Europe. Even in the Czech Republic, greater use of LNG vehicles is currently the only tried and true option for meeting the EU’s emission targets in freight transport. Compared to diesel engines, LNG vehicles have significantly lower emissions, lower noise and lower operating costs with a comparable range.

“Currently, LNG is generally considered a very promising fuel,” commented Mr Merker. “We are also seeing dynamic growth elsewhere in Europe, most recently in Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands. We also see great potential in this area for the Czech Republic, which is why we have been active here for a long time.”

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