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First LNG truck from Krk terminal arrives in Hungary

The first road-transported liquefied natural gas (LNG) arrived in Hungary from the Croatian Krk terminal on Wednesday. The LNG shipment of Arelgas added a new mode and route to the Hungarian gas supply chain which currently serves mainly transport purposes but soon will open for industrial use as well.

Road-transported LNG supply natural gas to distribution sites for LNG fuel or industrial sites not connected to the transmission grid. LNG Croatia, the operator of the Krk import facility, has started offering LNG reloading services directly from the vessel to trucks this spring.

“After Arelgas could successfully go through the complex permitting process of the FSRU terminal, the first Hungarian LNG trailer was loaded and rolled into Hungary on Wednesday,” informed Arelgas adding that the gas was sold by MVMCeenergy.

Arelgas considers the investment a milestone in terms of security of supply, diversification of transportation routes and the possibility of cost reduction. The company added that it will also help to ease the energy crises and strengthen gas transport capacity not only for the clean transport sector but for other industrial customers as well.

Hungary currently has three LNG filling stations, two of which are operated by Arelgas along the M0 highway, the third will soon be opened near Mosonmagyaróvár, along the M1 highway. In 2023, the number of filling stations in Hungary is expected to double in line with the needs of the growing fleet of LNG-powered vehicles.

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