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DESFA’s auction process at the Revithoussa LNG terminal has been completed

The auction process of Greece’s natural gas transmission system operator DESFA for the commitment of unloading slots and gasification capacity at the Revithoussa LNG Terminal Station for 2022 was completed at the beginning of November.

The auctions started on 22 October and attracted the interest of the users of the National Natural Gas System (NNGS), since, for the first time, groups of LNG cargo unloading slots were made available, offering to the participants in the process the opportunity to book only by submitting one offer (which they were able to adjust during the auction) five LNG unloading slots of one terawatt-hour (TWh) each or eight LNG cargo unloading slots of 500 gigawatts-hour (GWh) each.

More specifically, five companies participated in the LNG auctions for the Year 2022, booking a total of 34 LNG unloading slots, which correspond to an LNG unloading quantity of 27 TWh. In addition, these companies, in the context of the second phase of the LNG auction and to optimise their portfolio, proceeded to the commitment of continuous LNG gasification capacity, a total amount of over 72,420 MWh/day.

The interest of the users forms a favourable condition regarding the security of supply of the country, but also of the wider region, given the significant development of the cross-border trade with Bulgaria, which has taken place in the last years.

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