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Technology must be supported by talented people – interview with Yong Girl Lee, Business Support Director, LG Energy Solution Wrocław

During our recent visit to the biggest EV battery factory in Europe, LG Energy Solution Wrocław (LGES), we sat down with the Business Support Director of the factory, Yong Girl Lee, to discuss Poland as a future hub for the European electromobility sector as well as the challenges facing the industry – including re-skilling and up-skilling staff.

Looking into the position of Poland and more precisely Wrocław, in LGES’s decision to build the heart of the EV industry in CEE, Mr Lee highlights two key considerations – existing infrastructure and human capital.

“From a geographical perspective, Wroclaw is a very good location for us as most of our client base is located in Western Europe,” he says. “The region is and continues to be our biggest export market. It is worth mentioning that we have been in the Wroclaw area for many years now – having first invested here in 2006 as an electronics manufacturer.”

“We already had the infrastructure,” he continued, “which was one of the most important things when making the decision to open the factory. Indeed, we needed a big city with great human capital – technology must be supported by talented people. In Poland, there is an incredible number of talented and well-educated people. As a part of our presence in Poland, we cooperate with a wide network of universities – including local universities in Wrocław and higher education institutions in Poznan, Warsaw and Opole.”

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To read the full version of the interview, download our first-ever e-book about the future of the electromobility industry in the region.

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