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The European Battery Alliance and US Li-Bridge Alliance receive support in strengthening the supply chain sustainability of batteries

The European Commission and the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced support for a collaboration between the European Battery Alliance and the US Li-Bridge alliance to accelerate the development of supply chains for lithium-ion and next-generation batteries, including the critical raw materials segments.

Batteries are critical to a clean energy economy as they help decarbonise the transport and energy sectors, by electrifying vehicles and providing stationary storage for the renewable-powered grid.

“Advancing the battery supply chain, therefore, requires a global approach,” underlines the press statement of the European Commission.

“Bolstering the clean energy economy and strengthening the battery value chain is a top priority for the European Union and the United States. This is in step with their commitment to address the climate crisis and accelerate the transition to clean energy, through renewables, energy efficiency and necessary technologies like batteries,” further reads the statement.

The European Battery Alliance and US Li-Bridge Alliance assure the resilience of their battery supply chains by developing sustainable industry capacity for growing demands in transportation and energy systems.

They state that their practices will be based on sustainable and ethical sourcing of critical raw materials, research of sustainable battery technologies, acceleration of battery recycling and reuse, including recovering critical raw materials, investing in the battery workforce and prioritising environmental justice when supporting the broader transition to a clean energy economy.

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