Friday, November 27, 2020
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SOCAR launches new project for innovative oil production

Azerbaijan’s State Oil Company SOCAR conducted the digital transformation of its oil and gas production. SAP UFAM (a joint solution of the global leader in corporate application market SAP and Russian IT company OIS) will combine production processes in one system and will be integrated into the digital core of the enterprise, SAP ERP. The start of industrial operation of UFAM is scheduled for June 2020.

“SOCAR strives to use advanced technologies in business processes and production while setting industry standards for oil production and supporting the government policy on digitalisation of the economy,” said SOCARs vice-president for field development Yashar Latifov. “The implementation of the UFAM platform will consolidate disparate data from various production systems. It will carry out integrated analysis to ensure that wells are operated in accordance with the approved potential, and also optimise geological and technical measures.”

A consolidated team from SOCAR, Caspian Innovation Center, SAP Digital Business Services and OIS are creating a single data source, which will allow for integrated planning, modelling, analysis and monitoring of all oil production processes.

Launching the platform for industrial exploitation will enable SOCAR to reduce intraday shortages. Also, all business facilities (well, pipeline, ground equipment, energy facilities, etc.) will be displayed on the map of monitoring panel in the real mood with a presentation of their passport, target and current operating parameters.

“SAP UFAM is the first product developed in the CIS and included in the global SAP price list,” commented Dmitriy Pilipenko, CEO of SAP CIS. “This means that the solution meets high international standards and local customer needs as well. The system takes into account many indicators in its work, from the reservoir to the oil delivery unit, which allows us to transform production processes. We are pleased that for ten years SOCAR has been choosing SAP solutions for the implementation of projects of strategic importance for the whole country.”

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