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Renewable solutions are key for decarbonisation of the building sector

Ten European energy association reminded Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, the importance of Energy System Integration, Hydrogen and the Renovation Wave as fundamental steps on the road to climate neutrality.

The letter (signed by Cedec, Cogen Europe, EBA, EHI, Eurogas, GCP Europe, GD4S, GIE, Liquid Gas Europe, Hydrogen Europe) supports heating solutions based on renewable and decarbonised gases, including biomethane, hydrogen, synthetic methane and bio LPG, as essential for a fast, safe, affordable and sustainable decarbonisation of the building sector, in urban as well as in rural areas.

“Complementing electricity-based heating technologies as well as efficient and renewable-based district heating, they bring much-needed contributions to flexibility and resource adequacy to the whole energy system,” reads the companies’ statement.

From their point of view, an enabling framework for smart sector coupling builds on several policy goals. First of all, driving a diversified heating energy carrier mix by 2050. Secondly, to optimise the use of existing gas infrastructures to facilitate the decarbonisation of transport, industry and buildings. According to the signatories, to achieve EU climate goals in the long-term, the Renovation Wave should consider national and regional specificities, for example, a switch from coal to gaseous fuels in coal-reliant regions of Europe.

Furthermore, investments to support the installation of efficient and renewable-based heating systems on and off the grid, equipped with digital demand response capabilities and all types of energy storage, are key enablers to decarbonise buildings, including in rural areas.

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