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PGNiG partners with Kraków Technology Park to energise startups

The Kraków Technology Park ScaleUP accelerator will assist in identifying and selecting startups with innovative projects that can be implemented by Poland’s oil and gas company PGNiG. The best startups will be given financial and expert support and an opportunity to conduct pilot implementations. 

“The opportunity to run a pilot at the company interested in actually applying the idea is an invaluable experience, both for the startup and for PGNiG, a company that is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions,” said Arkadiusz Sekściński, PGNiG Vice-President for Development. “Our participation in acceleration programmes enables us to clearly define our expectations with respect to finding innovations. We are satisfied with the outcomes of this collaboration – we ran four exciting pilot projects last year. The KTP ScaleUP and similar projects bring industrial companies like ours closer to startups and startups gain an opportunity to work with industry experts capable of helping them to further develop their projects. The benefits are mutual.”

PGNiG has precisely defined its technological challenges to be used by the KTP ScaleUp as a yardstick in the selection process. Startups seeking to participate in the acceleration programme must first register an original solution as part of the selection procedure. The accelerator operated by the Kraków Technology Park will offer the best startups a non-repayable grant from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development of up to 200,000 złoty (approximately 43,800 euro) and a six-month support programme including expert advice and training. During the programme, they will get an opportunity to develop their solution in partnership with a large company.

“The KTP ScaleUP’s core mechanism is to create a friendly space for cooperation between young technology companies and experienced, reputable companies in various industrial sectors,” explained Angelika Popławska, KTP ScaleUP Project Manager. “It’s where bold innovative ideas meet expertise and market knowledge. It helps startups understand how to improve their product, technology or services while enabling large companies to enhance their business and production processes.”

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