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PGNiG embraces Industrial Internet of Things to avoid energy losses

Polish Oil and Gas Company PGNiG is going to test a system for real-time balancing of electricity from distributed generation sources. This will be made possible by a remote reading of meter data and management of distributed electricity consuming devices. Among other things, the solution created by TruBlu, a start-up based in Rzeszów, will facilitate avoiding energy losses. 

“A test implementation of the solution is planned at eight distributed points at PGNiG where electricity is consumed and generated,” said Arkadiusz Sekściński, Vice-President of the PGNiG Management Board for Development. “They are to be equipped with smart systems relying on the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology. The project fits in with the PGNiG Group Energy Efficiency Improvement Programme launched in 2020 and its pilot implementation is another proof that PGNiG is open to engaging with the start-up community,” 

Rzeszów-based TruBlu is the fourth start-up project selected for technological and business verification by PGNIG as part of the IDEA Global acceleration programme run by HugeTECH, in which PGNiG takes part. 

“The business client for the solution is the Wholesale Trading Branch of PGNiG, the PGNiG SA’s unit in charge of trading in gas, oil, electricity, CO2 emission allowances and property rights, as well as energy balancing,” explained Mr Sekściński.

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