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Petrol promotes energy renovation of buildings in Brežice

Largest Slovenian energy company Petrol entered a public-private partnership with the Partner Consortium of Petrol and Plistor for the energy renovation of buildings owned by the Brežice municipality, which is one of the largest projects involving public-private partnerships in energy contracting in Slovenian municipalities to-date.

Overall, 15 buildings will be renovated, which will not only help the Brežice municipality save more than 300,000 euros annually but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 485 tonnes of CO2 a year, corresponding to the quantity absorbed by 25,000 trees or nearly 60 hectares of forest every year.

With its significant demand for heating and cooling, the buildings sector is one of the major consumers of energy. According to the European Commission, Central and South-Eastern Europe is particularly vulnerable to gas supply interruptions. Therefore, renovation of the inefficient building stock is increasingly seen as a key infrastructure component that could tackle the security of supply issues, as well as contributing to improved health and productivity of occupants.

The Brežice municipality has committed to improving the sustainability of its environment. The 15 above-mentioned municipal buildings include kindergartens, primary schools, a music school, sports halls, a youth centre, a health centre and the stadium.

“Petrol is a leading provider in the field of energy efficiency and introducing renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources in public and commercial sectors, with the aim of providing sustainable innovative solutions tailored to the users’ needs,” said Željko Bjelan, the director of Energy Solutions in Petrol.

In the first lot, including a complete energy renovation of ten buildings, the thermal insulation of façades will be completed, joinery will be replaced, as well as ceiling insulation in unheated attics, thermostatic valves will be installed, gas boilers and ELKO (extra light heating oil) boilers will be renovated, heating sources will be renovated by installing heat pumps, interior lighting systems will be renovated and energy management systems will be installed. In the second lot, including the renovation of five buildings, predominately technological systems will be renovated: heating systems, ventilation, cooling systems for ice production, and efficient lighting systems.

Not only Brežice will improve its buildings’ energy efficiency, but it will also create a number of jobs. Overall, Europe’s construction sector provides 18 million direct jobs. By improving the energy performance of buildings, the EU’s total energy consumption could be reduced by between 5-6 per cent and CO2 emissions could decrease by about 5 per cent.

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