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ORLEN Group to invest in new and environmentally friendly technologies

Poland’s ORLEN Projekt, a subsidiary of the ORLEN Group, is investing in modern and environmentally friendly technologies, including a photovoltaic micro installation with a capacity of nearly 50 kilowatts peak (kWp).

This investment, which represents the largest photovoltaic micro installation within the ORLEN Group, will help the company to reduce its fees for the electricity consumption up to 25 per cent per year, while also significantly reducing the CO2 emission into the atmosphere.

Daniel Obajtek, President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN, said that the company is increasing its commitment to low-carbon energy, in line with its long-term strategy. Through activities like this micro installation and the offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, PKN Orlen is following the green energy trend.

The panels installed on a building adjacent to the headquarter of ORLEN Projekt, are equipped with power optimisers that will allow increasing the production of electricity up to 25 per cent in the event of adverse weather conditions. 

“When designing solar photovoltaic installations, we analysed technical solutions in order to obtain the highest efficiency,” commented Marcin Kasza, President of the ORLEN Projekt Management Board. “When choosing the type of solar panels and the angle of their inclination, the location and structure of the building, as well as the degree of sunlight were taken into account. This made it possible to optimise the investment costs and achieve a favourable outcome in terms of return on investment.” 

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