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Enefit successfully demonstrates technologies to give new green life to oil shale and waste plastics

Over the past several years, Estonia’s energy group Enefit has been working extensively towards the full commercialisation of co-processing waste plastics, end-of-life tires and oil shale using the Enefit Technology. Together with Tallinn University of Technology and Enefit Outotec Technology (EOT), the company has proven that its pyrolysis plants are suitable for the chemical recycling of various waste mixtures.

Through full, stable operation at EOT’s unit in Frankfurt, Germany, Enefit has successfully proven that a broad range of plastic types and compositions, even ones which are currently considered to be difficult to recycle through conventional means, can be utilised together with oil shale. The end products will be highly valuable chemicals, recycled oil and other goods for the industry, which meet the same strict quality and environmental specifications as the conventional product.

This exciting advancement in Enefit Technology is intended to improve both the environmental and economic performance of Enefit’s pyrolysis plants, where waste plastics can produce more than three times the amount of oil compared to oil shale.

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