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Enea and Cobra to develop energy storage technologies in Poland

Polish power company Enea announced last Wednesday (13 December) that it has signed a letter of intent with Spanish infrastructure company Cobra on a joint project to “analyse and gather experiences” enabling the launch of a pilot project for an energy storage facility.

“Cobra is enthusiastic about the cooperation with Enea in Poland and commits to continue it in order to develop the best energy storage solution that will be consistent with the development strategy and goals of Enea’s ‘Green Change’,” said Carlos Ramiro Visser, Senior Vice President for Global Business Development at Cobra.

Both sides are expected to analyse available technologies in the energy storage market. The planned pilot project would see the construction of an energy storage facility, working together with renewables connected to Enea’s distribution network in north-western Poland.

“We approach the development of energy storage technology in our Group with great determination, seeing it as a specific answer to the challenges related to the development of renewable energy sources,” said Paweł Majewski, President of Enea’s Management Board. “Distributed energy, based on weather-dependent energy sources, determines the need to build an efficient and safe system that will enable the full potential of generation from photovoltaic and wind sources to be used while ensuring a stable energy flow around the clock.”

Enea aims to achieve its 2050 climate neutrality target with the “dynamic development” of renewables and the “extensive use” of energy storage, the company said in a press release.

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