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Eesti Energia to install smart solar park for the Estonia Dairy Farm

Eesti Energia plans to install solar panels and battery technology for the Estonia Dairy Farm in Järvamaa. The battery will store the output of PV’s and maximise the use of on-site generated energy while stabilising the power system through the Virtual Power Plant.

The Estonia Dairy Farm has been producing solar energy since 2018 but with Eesti Energia’s pilot project, the solar park’s capacity will be doubled to 348 kilowatts. A Rolls Royce battery with the capacity of 150-kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity will be installed to store its output. The 150 kWh can meet the electricity needs of an average family for 16 days.

“We are constantly looking for innovative and interesting challenges that would make production cheaper and cleaner. After installing the solar panels in 2018, we soon started thinking about how to maximise and store their output”, said Ain Aasa, the manager of the dairy farm.

The smart system, connected to Eesti Energia’s Virtual Power Plant will enable the farm to maximise the generated solar energy for its own use and earn additional income by selling it.

“All parties benefit from Eesti Energia’s new flexible energy management solution. Your company does not have to make additional investments, you can make maximum use of the renewable energy generated on-site and save on electricity costs as well as earn additional income from selling it”, underscored Roland Murakas, Head of Flexible Energy Services at Eesti Energia.

“For other consumers, this means lower costs in terms of network services and electricity prices when similar solutions are added. In addition, it is important that the energy generated is 100 per cent green”.

Turning existing energy-consuming and energy-generating equipment into smart technology can enable stabilisation of the energy system and integration of more renewable energy into it. Such transformation will become especially important after 2025 when Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania connect to the Central European frequency area and the role of local companies in ensuring the security of supply will increase significantly. However, businesses can already earn extra revenue from the regulatory and frequency markets with their storage units.

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