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EASE: energy storage is key to Europe’s energy independence

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) says that Europe can become truly energy independent only through the energy transition which places at its heart harnessing the capabilities of energy storage.

“The Russian Invasion of Ukraine has brought the case for clean energy and security of supply to the forefront of the political discussion,” suggests the press statement of the association. “With the EU importing 90 per cent of its gas consumption, 40 per cent of which originate from Russia, the European Commission is seeking diversification of gas supply as a means to secure energy independence. However, it is essential that the diversification does not come with the risk of an extended lock-in to fossil fuels.”

“The focus should be on the roll-out of renewable energy coupled with energy storage, to provide the necessary energy shifting capabilities and prevent renewable energy curtailment,” further clarifies the statement.

As the renewable penetration grows in Europe, alongside the decommissioning of coal plants, flexible backup generation becomes ever more critical. Excess energy produced during periods of high winds and sun needs to be stored until later required.

Therefore, Europe must focus on the diversification of long-duration energy storage technologies, as they provide backup generation during periods of low-renewables production, proposes the Association.

“But these energy storage technologies are still not properly supported through sound legislation. Market products for energy shifting do not exist and therefore, funding and investments are often limited. Across Europe, gas peakers still win capacity auctions: even though energy storage solutions are greener and competitive, the rules of the game are not in line with the EU’s energy security and decarbonisation targets,” concludes the Association.

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