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DTEK launches Ukraine’s first energy storage system

Largest private investor in Ukraine’s energy sector DTEK launched the country’s first industrial energy storage system (ESS).

According to United States Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine Kristina Kvien, the project will ensure the flexibility of the energy system, energy security of Ukraine and will allow the integration of renewables into the country’s energy balance.

“The US Embassy is pleased to see Honeywell, a Fortune 100 technology company, continue to expand its work in Ukraine,” she said. “Honeywell’s Battery Energy Storage System and the Experion Energy Control System will bring tangible benefits to Ukraine and its people. We welcome Honeywell’s and DTEK’s cooperation in this sector. Their mutual work on this market-oriented battery storage system solution will provide flexibility to the power grid with increasing interruptible renewable power generation, a system that will help maintain Ukraine’s energy security, enable the integration of renewables into the energy mix, and decrease fossil fuel power generation.”

This project is another example of the excellent cooperation between US and Ukrainian companies across many different sectors. 

“The United States is extremely proud of the US-Ukraine commercial relationship, which saw a doubling of goods trade and the US to Ukraine exports between 2015-2019,” she added. “This commercial relationship is built upon Ukrainian interest in benefiting from US firms, which provide their customers with access to the most transparent business practices and the best know-how, technology and service in the world. Moreover, this relationship will help fuel Ukraine’s economic growth and bring Ukraine closer to its Euro-Atlantic future. We know that it is just the beginning of deeper and closer commercial ties.”

The 1 megawatts (MW), 2.25 megawatt-hours (MWh) energy storage system is installed in Energodar at the Zaporizhzhya Power Plant and is designed to accumulate, store and feed in the electricity to the grid, as well as maintain the functioning of Ukraine’s power system. With this pilot project DTEK intends to search for the optimal models of energy storage systems operation in various segments of the country’s energy market.

“This project became possible thanks to the international partnership and cooperation of DTEK with the leading global companies involved in the production of energy storage systems – Honeywell and SunGrid,” added Maxim Timchenko, DTEK CEO. “The first industrial energy storage system will give a start for bringing Ukraine’s energy sector to a new technological level and will bring closer the synchronisation of our country with the European energy system ENTSO-E.”

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