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‘Cable pooling’ key for RES development in Poland, industry says

Sharing energy infrastructure between wind and solar farms (ie. “cable pooling”) could be a solution to increasing restrictions in the conditions for connecting new renewables to the grid, the Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA) suggested in a press release (24 July).

Due to new investments in renewable energy sources (RES), there is an issue with insufficient network capacity which is set to become more visible in the future, the Association said.

Cable pooling involves using secured energy transmission capacity, for example, from a previously built wind power plant in order to launch a photovoltaic power plant in the same location.

“Sharing the connection infrastructure, in particular between wind and photovoltaic sources, is a proven way not only to unlock the possibility of connecting further installations to the grid in places where there are no longer available connection capacities, but also to improve the balancing of power grids by smoothing the production profile at a given grid connection point in different periods. The introduction of solutions enabling the sharing of connection infrastructure by renewable energy installations will therefore enable further development of the RES sector, and will also have a positive impact on the security of power grid operation, which is crucial for Poland’s implementation of climate goals and reduction of electricity prices,” said Janusz Gajowiecki, President of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

Sharing solar and wind energy infrastructure could also cut the cost of energy tariffs in Poland, thanks to the optimisation of the use of cabling power.

The Polish government has recently been working on appropriate legal changes, including consultations with stakeholders in this area. “With this in mind, the entire renewable energy sector, as well as industries, hope that the regulations will be implemented before the parliamentary recess,” PWEA’s press release read.

According to a report by the PWEA and the Lublin University of Technology titled “More Renewable Energy in the Grid,” allowing different installations or entities to share grid infrastructure should improve the efficiency of utilising existing network infrastructure, which would enable the growth of installed renewable energy capacity.

The report’s authors indicated that in order to standardise the approach used by individual distribution network operators regarding cable pooling, legal frameworks in this area need to be introduced. Uniform criteria concerning the use of shared grid infrastructure throughout the country would allow interested parties to use this solution in a non-discriminatory manner nationwide.

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