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Polish hydrogen economy to be predicated on Hydrogen Valleys, Minister says

The development of Poland’s hydrogen economy will be predicated on the creation of Hydrogen Valleys, the Polish Deputy Minister and Government Plenipotentiary for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Ireneusz Zyska said during a recent conference.

Hydrogen Valleys will be responsible for integrating sectors, finding business partners and optimising processes and costs, Deputy Minister Zyska noted.

“This solution will enable the creation of a value chain related to the hydrogen economy, such as production, transport, storage and end use of hydrogen in various sectors of the economy. Research and development and investment projects will be carried out in the Valleys, which will contribute to cooperation between local, national and foreign stakeholders. This is why, at the initial stage of building a hydrogen economy in our country, it is so important to create Hydrogen Valleys,” Deputy Zyska said.

“We strive to be a precursor of change. In accordance with the Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with an outlook until 2040, we plan to achieve the capacity of the installation for the production of hydrogen and its derivatives from low-emission sources at the level of 2 GW [gigawatts]. In addition, 800 to 1,000 new hydrogen buses and a minimum of 32 hydrogen refuelling and bunkering stations are planned to be in operation,” the Government RES Plenipotentiary highlighted.

So far, eight Hydrogen Valleys have been established in Poland: Dolnośląska, Mazowieckie, Podkarpackie, Pomeranian, Śląsko-Małopolska and Wielkopolska, Zachodniopomorskie, as well as the Central Hydrogen Cluster in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and the surrounding areas.

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