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Polenergia teams up with Siemens Energy to develop hydrogen technologies

Polenergia, the largest Polish private, vertically integrated energy group and Siemens Energy, together with Siemens Gas and Power, leading manufacturers and suppliers of gas and hydrogen solutions for the power industry, will cooperate to develop modern technologies in the area of decarbonisation of the industry and the power sector.

The letter of intent signed by the parties pertains close cooperation in the area of industrial application of high-efficiency co-generation, as well as the introduction of solutions that enable sustainable production and use of hydrogen.

“We believe in hydrogen and we want to take the position in this sector on the domestic market as quickly as possible,” said Michał Michalski, President of the Management Board of Polenergia.

The agreed scope of cooperation between Polenergia and Siemens Energy encompasses the analysis of projects that could be performed in the segment of industrial co-generation and application of hydrogen technologies. In particular, such projects could include a joint performance of low-emission gas installations for the industry, electrolytic cells, fuel cells, gas and hydrogen and hydrogen turbines, along with hydrogen storage tanks implemented in the Polish industry and on the market of Central and Eastern Europe, which would replace high-emission carbon assets.

“We believe that such partnership activities give a chance to achieve economies of scale, thus consolidating the efforts of many industries moving towards decarbonisation,” summarised Grzegorz Należyty, Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Energy.

Polenergia believes that the flexibility of low-emission gas-based projects installations makes them the preferred option for increasing the installed capacity in the domestic electric energy sector in the years to come and also the basis to the introduction of pioneer hydrogen technologies.

“The Nowa Sarzyna CHP Plant, as well as the planned new gas units, are going to be ready for the combustion of green hydrogen, which is going to contribute to the building of a zero-emission energy group in the future,” underlined Mr Michalski.

Growing prices of electricity and emission allowances induce the energy-intensive Polish industry to search for mechanisms that could reduce the costs of electricity and thermal energy used in technological processes, with simultaneous decrease of the carbon footprint of products. Some of the largest Polish companies already signalled their interest in scaling up hydrogen technologies.

Early in May, Poland’s dominant gas firm PGNiG announced the launch of a comprehensive hydrogen program consisting of several projects, from the production of green hydrogen through its storage and distribution, as well as its utilisation in the transport sector. PGNiG was also among the signatories of a letter addressed to Vice President Timmermans calling for a Hydrogen Strategy, inclusive of all clean hydrogen pathways.

Polish state-owned oil refiner and petrol retailer PKN ORLEN also announced to build a hydrogen hub in Włocławek by the end of 2021 providing for the construction of a plant for the production of fuel-cell grade hydrogen, logistics infrastructure and hydrogen refuelling stations.

In the meantime, the Polish Government is also drafting a hydrogen strategy which should streamline the regulatory environment to create favourable conditions for the development of the hydrogen economy.

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