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Poland’s GAZ-SYSTEM submits hydrogen projects for EU PCI, kicks off renewable gases survey

The Polish gas transmission system operator, GAZ-SYSTEM, has submitted three hydrogen infrastructure projects for the EU’s Projects of Common Interest (PCI) funding scheme, the company announced on Friday (3 March).

The projects submitted by GAZ-SYSTEM include the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor, which would develop a hydrogen transport corridor from Finland, through the Baltic States and Poland to Germany; the national hydrogen backbone, which would develop infrastructure connecting domestic hydrogen producers, import sources, hydrogen storage in Damasławek (south-west Poland) with end users and possibly local distribution networks; and a hydrogen storage facility in Damasławek.

“Infrastructure projects implemented by GAZ-SYSTEM are of priority energy importance for the European Union countries, as they ensure the diversification of gas supplies and the development of an integrated and competitive natural gas market in Central Europe and the Baltic Sea region. EU financial support is important for the efficient implementation of complex international projects, which is why we have applied for PCI status for hydrogen investments that the company plans to carry out,” said Marcin Chludziński, President of the Management Board of GAZ-SYSTEM.

Under the auspices of the European Commission, PCIs provide a funding platform for cross-border infrastructure projects that link the energy systems of EU countries. Following a review of the relevant applications, the Commission’s list of projects is subsequently sent to the European Parliament and Council for final approval. However, the Parliament and the Council cannot request amendments to the PCI list.

The new TEN-E regulation grants PCI status to investments related to the creation of an integrated European hydrogen infrastructure through the implementation of projects in the field of hydrogen transmission and storage as well as installations for the collection and regasification of liquefied hydrogen or hydrogen carried in other chemical substances, for example, ammonia.

The hydrogen PCI list will be published in the autumn. Once the list is approved by the EU institutions, GAZ-SYSTEM would be able to submit an application for co-financing of hydrogen projects from the Connecting Europe Facility instrument.

GAZ-SYSTEM gauges interest in renewable gases

Separately, on 1 March, the company launched a non-binding market research procedure for new projects in ​​hydrogen, ammonia and biomethane. The results of the market research will aid the company in developing its hydrogen strategy, as well as plans to create infrastructural conditions enabling the transport of the renewable gases both in terms of collection from production installations and delivery to locations indicated by the study participants, GAZ-SYSTEM said. 

In particular, the company intends to estimate the level of interest in the development of new projects dedicated to the transportation of hydrogen, biomethane and ammonia, both on the part of producers and recipients. In addition, it aims to explore the potential for biomethane production and areas where biomethane plants could be connected to the national natural gas transmission network. 

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