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Poland: new ‘West Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley’ established

A letter of intent to establish the ‘West Pomeranian (Zachodniopomorskie) Hydrogen Valley’ was signed yesterday in Szczecin – signalling Poland’s continued interest in hydrogen technology. As emphasised by the Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa, the establishment of the latest hydrogen valley proves the growing interest in hydrogen production in the country: “the hydrogen valley in Szczecin is now a fact and the documents signed today will only allow for even greater development of this sector in the region.”

According to a press release from the Polish government, hydrogen valleys are innovative projects created in locations with appropriate industrial and natural resources.

The first hydrogen valley was established in 2021 following the signing of the letter of intent on the establishment of ‘Podkarpackie Hydrogen Valley’. A total of 5 hydrogen valleys are expected to be implemented across Poland.

At the event, Minister Moskwa highlighted that the cooperation of the government with representatives of the energy industry, the world of science and non-governmental organisations is crucial for the development of this region.

“Zachodniopomorskie [West Pomeranian] is a region destined for success in hydrogen production. However, the success of the valley also depends on cooperation and its establishment will allow the preparation of many hydrogen projects. As we look at the transformation and hydrogen projects, we are not afraid of technological and financial challenges. Here we often talk about human resources, which is why we appeal for good cooperation with the administration, universities, science or industry”, said Minister Moskwa. “I am convinced that all our activities, both at the regional and central level, will contribute to the global use of hydrogen technologies in many areas.”

In addition, Deputy Minister for Climate and Environment Małgorzata Golińska highlighted the purpose of establishing hydrogen valleys, which is the integration of sectors, finding business partners and optimising processes and costs: “Hydrogen valleys will allow the creation of a value chain related to the hydrogen economy, including production, transport, storage and final use of hydrogen in various sectors of the economy. Our region has the largest installed renewable capacity compared to other voivodships, which is why we have a chance to be a leader in this field.”


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