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Poland commits to developing the hydrogen economy

Representatives of the government, business community, science and business environment units signed a Sectoral Agreement for the development of the hydrogen economy in Poland, following the process started last July with the signing of a letter of intent.

Michał Kurtyka, the Minister of Climate and Environment, pointed out that Poland is the first country in the European Union that entered into such a sectoral agreement after the announcement of the Hydrogen Strategy by the European Commission.

“Today’s event gives me personal satisfaction, as around the ministry I lead, initiatives that bring together many institutions and enterprises that unite around the common goal of Poland’s economic development based on modern technologies are being created,” said the Minister. “It is also yet another proof that Poland is standing at the forefront of the European energy transformation.”

“Poland is actively involved in the process of creating the value chain of low-emission hydrogen technologies,” he continued. “We are the fifth producer of hydrogen in the world and the third in the European Union. It is both a challenge related to the decarbonisation of this production and a development opportunity. We have adequate industrial facilities, but, what is equally important – hundreds of qualified people who are ready to work in this sector.”

According to the Minister, the development of the hydrogen economy is the result of the conscious policy of the government, aimed not only at building the advantage of Polish entrepreneurs, creating thousands of well-paid jobs, but – above all – improving the quality of life of citizens.

“The accomplishment of this goal will be facilitated by, among others, hydrogen valleys that will be created in subsequent regions of Poland,” Mr Kurtyka underlined. “They are to integrate entities from different sectors that will create a network of connections conducive to the development of the hydrogen economy value chain.”

The dissemination of hydrogen is also a key initiative that fits into the objectives of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with a view to 2040 that has been developed by the Ministry of Climate and Environment and will be adopted by the Council of Ministers in the coming weeks.

“The agreement will be joined by 138 entities representing various sectors of the economy, in which the production, transmission, storage and use of hydrogen will play an important role in the future, with particular emphasis on transport, energy, heating and industry,” noted Ireneusz Zyska, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment.

Among those Polish Oil & Gas Company (PGNiG) and the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry,

“It is an immense challenge for the entire Group to participate in building and developing a hydrogen economy and we are taking it on with full responsibility,”  said Robert Perkowski, Vice-President of the PGNiG Management Board for Operations and President of the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry. “We have the ability to manage the entire hydrogen value chain, especially with regard to storage and distribution. I am positive that joining forces to achieve the EU climate and energy targets will deliver the expected success.”

The document presents a list of long-term projects as well as the organisational, institutional, financial and legislative instruments that will enable their effective implementation. The Agreement identifies 55 key actions centred around 4 strategic objectives: Research and Development, Investments, People and Cooperation.

Photo: Twitter account of MinisterKurtyka

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