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New MoU signed in support of hydrogen research

Hydrogen Europe’s CEO Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Hydrogen Europe Research’s President Luigi Crema and EURAMET’s Vice-Chairperson Miruna Dobre signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to foster cooperation for the mutual benefit of the associations, in support of hydrogen research and technology requiring metrological knowledge and information.

“Today, we are cementing a collaboration that has already started for several years and we are very glad to strengthen it even more with this MOU between HE, HER and EURAMET. These cooperations are fundamental and showcase EU R&I synergies in action,” said Jorgo Chatimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe.

The forms of cooperation include the exchange of knowledge about capabilities and needs in the field of metrology for hydrogen. Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research will become members of the European Metrology Networks stakeholder council.

It will also include the exchange of information on research in the field of hydrogen performed under the European Partnership on Metrology (EPM) and the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (CHJU) and create synergies that enhance the efficiency and impact of both research programmes under the partnerships.

Finally, the MoU aims at jointly exchanging information on further funded research programmes dealing with energy gases, energy transition and/or climate topics.

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