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Naftogaz joins industrial partnership to produce green hydrogen in Ukraine and sell it in CEE

Ukraine’s largest national oil and gas company Naftogaz together with Ukrtransgaz, the Ukrainian gas storage operator, have joined an international industry partnership for the production and supply of green hydrogen H2EU+Store. It envisages the production of green hydrogen in Ukraine and further export via gas pipelines to the EU, injection into underground storage facilities in Austria and sale to consumers in Central Europe.

“H2EU+Store is a comprehensive project that covers all stages: production, transportation, storage and supply of hydrogen to consumers,” explained Oleksiy Ryabchyn, advisor to the Naftogaz CEO responsible for developing low-carbon businesses. “Hydrogen is the first viable option for seasonal storage. European partners are hoping to benefit from the ability of Ukrainian underground storage facilities to store a mixture or, in the future, pure hydrogen. Austrian storage operator RAG Austria has been performing similar experiments and research for 5 years and Naftogaz is interested in this expertise.”

“In addition to its ambition to become the largest hydrogen producer in Ukraine, Naftogaz as a national company sees its mission in launching the hydrogen market and increasing competition,” he added. “Therefore, the company supported the hydrogen initiative of Lviv’s Eco-Optima and we consider it important for the transformation and development of energy in Ukraine.”

As part of the implementation of the H2EU + Store project, the Memorandum of Understanding includes measures to increase renewable electricity output and establish the production of green hydrogen in Ukraine. It also addresses the need to modernise underground storage facilities in Ukraine and Central Europe with the ability to store hydrogen as well as gas transportation infrastructure for hydrogen transportation.

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