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Naftogaz joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Ukraine’s largest national oil and gas company Naftogaz has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, with the ambition of becoming a national leader in hydrogen production for export to EU countries.

EU officials anticipate that green hydrogen will play a key role in decarbonising a number of sectors of the European economy. It is worth noting that Ukraine has been identified as a priority partner for the EU in the implementation of the European Hydrogen Strategy.

Therefore, Naftogaz is actively developing options to transform into a model based on low-carbon businesses and provide additional profits for the national company. Today, a new hydrogen market is just shaping up with supply and demand being calculated. In the meantime, the EU is already drafting hydrogen regulations, the necessary infrastructure is being built and the search continues for technological solutions for production at viable profit margins.

Earlier in November, Naftogaz of Ukraine and Ukraine’s gas storage operator Ukrtransgaz joined the H2EU+Store initiative, which envisages the production of green hydrogen from renewable energy sources in western Ukraine with an option to store in Ukrainian gas storage facilities. This will enable further export via gas pipelines, injections into the underground storage facilities in Austria and sales to consumers in Central Europe.

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