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MOL taps into the production of green hydrogen

Hungary’s integrated oil and gas company, MOL builds one of the largest-capacity green hydrogen plants in Europe in Százhalombatta, Hungary. The plant, scheduled to become operational in 2023, will allow MOL to produce 1600 tons of green hydrogen annually with the help of renewable electricity and enables around 25 000 tons of CO2 saving. By introducing this new technology, MOL becomes a major player in the sustainable hydrogen economy in the region.

MOL Group has teamed up with Plug Power Inc., a leading provider of turnkey hydrogen solutions for the global green hydrogen economy, to build one of Europe’s largest-capacity green hydrogen production facilities at MOL’s Danube Refinery in Százhalombatta, Hungary. Green hydrogen will reduce the carbon footprint of the Danube Refinery operation and enable emission-free mobility in the longer term.

Using a 10-megawatt (MW) electrolysis unit from Plug Power, the new 22 million euros plant will be able to produce approximately 1,600 tons of clean, carbon-neutral, green hydrogen annually, removing up to 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide by displacing the currently used natural gas-based production process. This process represents one-sixth of the carbon dioxide emissions of MOL Group, this supporting MOL’s carbon neutrality goals and contributing to energy independence for the region.

Once operational in 2023, MOL will use the green hydrogen in its Danube Refinery during fuel production of its own hydrogen system. It will be incorporated into the molecules of MOL fuels, lowering the carbon outputs from the production technology and the final product.

“We are convinced that hydrogen is not only one of the most important energy carriers of the already ongoing energy transition, but it will be an essential factor in the new, carbon-neutral energy system as well,” said Gabriel Szabó, Executive Vice President of Downstream at MOL Group.

He added that this new technology allows the introduction of green hydrogen production in Hungary, Százhalombatta, which makes MOL Group one of the most important players in the sustainable energy economy in the region,.

Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug underlined that green hydrogen addresses two critical issues facing humanity: climate change and energy independence. “Our opportunities seem limitless to support the trend to pull green hydrogen into more traditional industrial hydrogen markets throughout the world. We are pleased to provide our state-of-the-art electrolyzer technology to MOL Group’s Danube Refinery and enable MOL Group to take a big step forward in addressing these issues for the region,” he said upon the announcement.

Green hydrogen production is an integral part of MOL’s updated strategy which set out to make a total investment of 1 billion euros into the low carbon circular economy until 2025. MOL pledged to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations by 30 per cent by 2030 and will spend 50 per cent of investment expenditures on sustainable projects to ensure its carbon-neutral operation by 2050.

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